Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen’s Oriental Blossoms Promotion! Celebrate an auspicious new year with a captivating twist of Japanese and Oriental flavours!

Golden Katsu Nabe – Crispy rosu katsu with negi served in nabe pot

Stir-Fried Buta Treasures (Spicy) – Deliciously stir-fried pork belly with capsicum

Fortune Buta Belly – Fragrant stir-fried pork belly with chives

Longevity Curry Udon – Classic and hearty curry udon served with chicken katsu

Hiyashi Chuka – Cold Hiyamugi with vegetables served with homemade wafu dressing

Lucky Nama Hotate – Juicy and tender fresh Hokkaido scallop topped with deep fried leek and tartar sauce

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